Industry leaders

Industry leaders


Galeb Signalization - Profit Center Ub, has been part of the Galeb Group since 2006. Privatization of the company "Zimpa" a.d.'' was successfully continued metal processing, which dates back to 1948. 


All production processes are additionally improved by investments in new equipment, which contributed to the application of the most modern technology, such as laser cutting metal. Numerical machines were introduced and pressed, automatic plasticizing lines, and other necessary production lines to improve the quality of the mentioned products to the world level. With significant investment in modern equipment, by introducing the contemporary information system and constant professional training personnel, followed by a multiple increase productivity. 


Thanks to the superb quality of the products we offer, business partners lined us up with very well reliable companies, which further affected accelerated development and additional diversification of the product range. In a multitude of different products, our specialty is making containers for distinct purposes. These containers operated in mining, energy, as residential or business premises.


The main product of the Galeb Signalization - Profit Center Ub is safety equipment that provides a high degree of safety when keeping money and other values. Here, first of all, we count steel and cash registers, vault doors, safes for rent, cabinets with trays, and other products necessary for equipping banks and other financial institutions. In addition to the above, the production program also includes products for furnishing offices, warehouses, and storage areas. It is a metal haberdashery (wardrobe cabinets according to HCCP, office furniture, industrial and archival equipment), advertising shelves, hotel shelves, cassettes, decorative fences from cold rolled or galvanized sheets, and different products according to special requirements. Apart from the mentioned products from an assortment of the company Galeb Signalization - Profit center Ub, we also offer a service cutting, bending, and plasticizing of metal. 


We have the following certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018, counting all necessary certificates that are compatible with EU standards on product safety.