Classic rectifier for MIG-MAG welding, with stepped control and switches for coarse and fine regulation. Three-phase, power 420A. A compact variant, with air cooling, on its self-supporting trolley. It is intended for welding structural high-alloy steels, and aluminum alloy steels.

A supplied device with a professional 4-roller wire drive and digital V/A instrument, complete with a 5m ground cable and an ESAB PSF 405-EURO 4.5m gun.

  • Three-year warranty 
  • Provided service and spare parts
ESAB OrigoMig C420 PRO V/A

The AIRBLOK series enables optimal air circulation for cooling the system thanks to the rational arrangement of moving parts, which generate heat and other static parts, which gives advantages in terms of the efficiency of the ventilation system. In the design phase, special attention was paid to the simple installation of the machine.

Fiac Airblok 752 DR