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Medical compressors (dental/dental compressors) provide clean and dry compressed air through a system, they are intended for users who work in environments where the health and safety of medical personnel and patients must be protected. The efficient pumps in Fiac compressors guarantee the complete absence of oil residues that could damage equipment and, even worse, create problems for those exposed to contaminated compressed air. The noise level must also be kept to a minimum when the compressor is located close to the instruments to which it is connected. We offer quiet dental compressors, and soundproof plates, that guarantee an acoustic pressure level below 65 dB(A), without affecting the efficiency of the pump's ventilation and cooling system. Some compressor models are equipped with an absorption dryer that eliminates condensation problems, because protecting the distribution line and equipment supplied with compressed air. The technology and quality of manufactured medical compressors are the result of extensive research and analysis focused on the requirements of modern users. The final result is compressors for medical applications that are reliable and easy to use, while also guaranteeing minimal maintenance costs, but above all, they produce clean air.

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The correct ratio between the pump and the reservoir guarantees optimal performance and extended compressor life. To protect air purity, the tank is also painted inside, to eliminate possible traces of oxidation and rust, which would threaten the functionality of the machine and drastically reduce the efficiency of the system. The working principle of absorption dryers is based on the chemical process of extracting condensate obtained by using hydroscopically and physiologically harmless material, which allows reaching the dew point under pressure of -30°C. The moisture collected by the dryer during the phase of automatic regeneration of the molecular filters is automatically emptied, guaranteeing a constant level of cleanliness of the supplied air throughout the entire operating cycle of the dryer.

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Dental compressor FIAC CARAT 114

The dental compressor is intended for dentists, i.e. dentists. The compressor is quiet, of good quality, so once you install it, you almost forget about it.

Dentalni Kompresor FIAC CARAT 114