The FIAC series of belt-driven reciprocating compressors from 2 to 20 HP are equipped with strong and reliable two-cylinder, single-phase, and three-phase AB compressor units with oil lubrication.Their main characteristics are as follows:

  • High performance at low speeds
  • Cast metal cylinders
  • Reduced vibrations that reduce the noise level
  • Total absence of oil leakage, thanks to a specially designed housing (Fiac patent).
  • Glass for checking the oil level
  • Synthetic oil that provides improved lubrication of moving parts
  • Balanced size of compressor head, electric motor, and tank capacity
  • Epoxy paint that guarantees a perfect and long-lasting look.

Tandem versions of the ABT series reciprocating compressors up to 20 HP do not take up too much space and offer energy savings thanks to the use of electro-mechanical control units, which control the machine with programmed Star/Delta start.

The CCS (Controlled Cooling System) versions are equipped with single-phase AB units of 2 and 3 HP and a cooling system patented by FIAC. The front of the housing is made of impact-resistant material and is designed to direct air to cool parts that heat up, such as the cylinder, valve plate, and compressor head.

The eccentric electric motor is designed for continuous operation and is equipped with a large fan that cools the compressor head and motor while a steel spring automatically keeps the transmission belt perfectly taut.

Klipni kompresori sa kaišnim - remenim prenosom

FIAC AB 100-268 M

FIAC AB 100/268 M is an electric compressor with a belt (belt) transmission, which is characterized by a power of two horsepower and a tank of 100 liters.

FIAC AB 100-268 M Klipni kompresor sa kaišnim prenosom