Cobots are robots that communicate with humans in a shared space or work nearby. Industrial robots are working autonomously, with safety provided by isolation from human contact, unlike cobots. Thanks to sensors and other design features such as lightweight materials and rounded edges, Cobots can interact directly and safely with humans, designed to share the workspace with humans, making automation for companies of all sizes. All these advantages have made Cobots devices that change the approach in the realization of the most diverse industrial applications. Cobot technology allows operators without programming experience to install, set basic parameters, and start operating Cobots. Using the 3D visualization, move the robot arm to the desired points in the workspace or tap the arrow keys on the touch screen tablet – and the Cobot's work helping your production can begin. For this reason, manufacturers, small and medium-sized enterprises, benefit from robotic solutions. They are significantly cheaper compared to traditional industrial robots and have become affordable for those users.

LORCH Cobot – kolaborativni robot 2