• Single-phase, power 200A
  • Welding procedures: TIG-DC / TIG-DC-pulse / REL
  • Integrated all fine-tuning functions of the TIG process 
  • Choice of classic or pulsed welding current (up to 5kHz)
  • Arc ignition with HF process or ContactTIG (without HF)
  • Digital highly accurate display of welding current
  • Current regulation and quick switching between "upper" and lower" welding current directly on the handle of the TIG torch (Up-Down buttons)
  • REL welding with all types of coated electrodes with cellulosic up to F 4.0mm with built-in
  • Hotstar, Anti-stick, and Arc-Force functions
  • The complete device is protected against damage when falling from a height of up to 80cm
  • The delivery includes the root device, an ergonomic handle for transferring the EasyGo 1 device, a ground cable
  • TIG torch a-LTG 2600-UD, 4m - with remote controls on the torch handle (Up-Down)
  • Weight: 6.8 kg
  • Three-year warranty 
  • Provided service and spare


Download PDF:

LORCH MicorTIG 200 DC Basic Plus EasyGo – PDS

LORCH MicorTIG 200 DC Basic Plus