LORCH SpeedPulse XT – a series of inverter devices for MIG-MAG Synergic/MIG-MAG Synergic-Pulse/MIG-soldering/REL welding + specific speed ​​welding processes. Three-phase, power 320-500A, with or without water cooling. A large number of different configurations. With digital process control and arc correction function. Synthetics are factory-installed lines/programs for welding steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized sheet.

MIG-MAG Synergic – program welding of all existing basic materials

MIG-MAG-Pulse Synergic – programmed pulse welding of all existing basic materials

MIG-MAG-TwinPulse-XT Synergic – welding with double pulse and arc correction

MIG-MAG-SpeedPulse-XT Synergic – highly productive pulse welding with arc correction

MIG-MAG SpeedARC-XT – welding machine with increased penetration into the base material

MIG-Brazing Synergic – programmed MIG-brazing of highly stressed steels and galvanized sheets

REL coated electrode welding (built-in Hotstart, AntiStick, and Arc-Force functions) Additional programs - option - factory installation - SpeedUp + SpeedRoot + SpeedCold

  • Three-year warranty 
  • Provided service and spare
LORCH Serija – SpeedPulse XT